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Koollan - Admin Application - Koollan - 11-22-2018

In UTC, what time range do you usually play in?:

UTC -8 (Pacific Standard.) Usually on in the later PMs and partially into the AMs.

Names of your current and past Persistent characters:

Lance Vikk (former), V'ssuthi Jiila, Aaron White.

How long have you been playing Space Station 13:

Since 2008.

How long have you been playing Persistent Station 13:

Since approximately early to mid August of this year (2018).

Have you ever been a staff member for any SS13 servers? (Please state where and how long if you have):

Yes. I was an admin for a defunct server named Heaven's Gate Station (HGStation) for approximately three months, and a moderator / trial admin for Yogstation for around the same amount of time.

Are you currently banned from any SS13 servers? (Please state where and for what reason if you are):

No. I have been banned in the past from both TG and Yogstation temporarily. (Round/hourban, dayban, no perma.)

In your opinion, what’s the biggest problem with the server right now, and what would you do to help resolve it?:

The environment and air of the server isn't very conducive to promoting a healthy incharacter community directly after the war era, which I aim to help bring back with the new map coming, as well as being available when many other admins have been / are not available. I aim to be active and a healthy addition to the team to help not only fix notable issues ingame and reassure people who I can't help directly, but to help make the PS13 environment conducive to large scale storytelling and worldbuilding.

Answer the following scenarios and how you would deal with them to the best of your ability.

Q: An adminhelp comes in claiming that an individual is griefing a starter station, but the individual is taking part in an organized faction raid. How do you deal with the situation?
A: Simply, I would inquire who the player was and exactly what they were doing, and see if said player is going 'overboard' with their raiding actions, such as killing people without reason and blatant mass slaughter. Of course, mass slaughter isn't okay if your character doesn't have an extremely solid reason to do so. If the in-character events line up to the accused's actions, then there is no need to do much of anything other than reassure the player adminhelping that if they do anything that is against the rules, that they will be dealt with. However, if the accused is going beyond their bounds to ruin other people's gameplay for little reason other than to kill, they will be dealt with via properly escalating punishment, such as warning, character wipes or even bans.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who had been killed by another player, claiming that the killer was not RPing and wasn't acting correctly, but the individual had previously kidnapped the killer and tied them to a chair in order to extort them. How do you deal with the situation?
A: I would look through the logs to determine exactly whether or not the murder was committed with intentions of RP or intentions of straight murder with no RP. If it was done with deliberate attempts of RP from the assailant, I would explain to the victim that his actions were indeed RPed and he had solid ground on his actions committed in-character, though I would reassure him that I would defer this incident to a higher up admin in order to get a second opinion, just in case. This way, the victim does not feel excluded in his personal plight. However, simply, if this murder was committed with no RP, we would go to escalating punishment, such as a stern warning and/or character wipe, or even a ban.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who claims that a griefer blew up part of their station and vented it. How do you handle the situation?
A: I would look through the logs to determine if / when an explosion had taken place and who had triggered said explosion. Again, this depends on whether or not the griefer had IC intentions or not. If I discover who set off the bomb, I would look through that person's IC logs, and if I don't find any evidence in said logs, I would question the individual myself. I would not adminbuild back the station until the certainty of the explosion not being an IC event was absolute.

Q: When interviewing several individuals after an incident, each of them have a different story about what happened. How do you find the truth?
A: The easiest way to find the truth is to tie together similar portions of multiple people's stories, tying common ends together to weave it into the full narrative. It is simply a game of making sense of the story as a whole by analyzing what people have said, cross referencing it against logs and against other pieces of testimony. Whichever person's testimony does not line up to other people's testimony and the logs is the one telling lies, in most cases.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who had been killed due to their cryo room being vented. How do you proceed?
A: I would doublecheck the logs really quick, and if this were the case, I'd simply admin-revive them. Someone dying due to an event out of their control whilst they are offline is not conducive to any kind of storytelling whatsoever, and is a bad experience for all involved.

Q: You are receiving several adminhelps from one person, claiming that another individual is breaking the rules, but the individual has not breached any rules. How do you handle this?
A: I would inform the adminhelper that the individual is not breaching any of the rules, but that if they truly believe rules are being broken, that I would genuinely keep an eye on the 'rulebreaker' to witness any breaching of the rules that he may be suspected of. It's good to ere caution, even in times where it's obvious someone is not breaking rules or being malicious in any way. Of course, I would also watch the person who adminhelped - in the past, I have had diversion tactics slid under me without my notice. It's important to keep an eye on everybody involved.

Q: A player joins the round and immediately begins vandalizing the current station while evading security. You attempt to contact them, but get no response. How do you handle the situation?
A: I would adminfreeze them and question them immediately afterwards. If they refused to speak within a certain timeframe or if they go offline, I would promptly ban their ckey, then and there. Ban evades and OOC grief are not to be tolerated.

Q: A player adminhelps, and asks how to put duct tape on a piece of paper. How do you handle the situation?
A: I would appropriately assist them with the knowledge in my skillset. Mentoring is one of my jobs as an administrator, in my eyes, so I am obligated to help however I can.

Q: A player claims that they were killed and their lace was lost during a restart. No one else can back up this claim, and logs are unavailable. How do you handle the situation?
A: Firstly, I would bring this up to one of the hosts of the server in order to give them a wider scope of what is happening to this person. If they are a longstanding player and their character is well-known and well-RPed, it would usually be determined that they would not be fibbing about this. I would ask further into what transpired to their death. If they were unable to answer, it would put a tad bit of scrutiny on their word, but I would continue to do my best as to solve the mystery, especially if the character is a well known one. If their character is not well known and/or the player behind said character is malicious and/or a menace, even further scrutiny would have to be employed on the validity of their claims.

RE: Koollan - Admin Application - bigheffuh - 11-24-2018

IC role plays pretty well
Application was amazing
Helps a lot when admins are not on
Can be a little hot headed (this tends to change when they are appointed staff)
Other than that i got nothing else to say besides, Good Luck

RE: Koollan - Admin Application - Koollan - 11-24-2018

yeh, the hotheadedness is usually IC stuff, 'cus Jiila is pretty much a bitch LOL. thanks for the vote o/