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Thread Contributor: DraxtherosDraxtheros' Unathi whitelist application
About You

What is your Byond key?

How long have you been playing on Persistence?
I began when I saw the announcement on 8/26 that the server was playable again, though I didn't really begin playing until about a week or so after that, giving the server time to sort itself out.

What are the names of your better-known characters?
Eld Folke

About The Species

What alien species are you applying for?
The Unathi

How does playing an alien differ from playing a human, and how will you represent this in game?
Playing a different species brings with it a host of challenges. A well written alien is more than just a human, but with x feature, or y quirk. To roleplay one requires you to put yourself into a completely different mindset. The station is built almost entirely with humans in mind, so an alien species may have some physiological hurdles to overcome just in day to day life. How does a particular character tackle these differences, minor to major? How do they feel about being potentially alone in a sea of alien faces? The list goes on, and it's all something that requires constant, active thought.

As for how I will represent this in game, Unathi are a cunning people bearing strong, forthright personalities. An example character might push himself above and beyond what is asked of him. Pride drives him to attempt perfection in his work, while practicality and a desire to be paid his worth pushes him to leverage his position, become well liked and trusted enough to raise his position and his worth within the company (and of course, his pay to match). This is not just work, to him. Every interaction is an opportunity to build better business. With enough work, and the right connections, he might be able to stake out his own profitable piece of the Rim.

Why do you want to play as the alien species?
In general, it's because I find roleplaying a different species to be interesting. It forces me to think fundamentally differently to bring their mannerisms and character to life. I enjoy the challenge they present, and in the end feel like it allows me to enrich the experience of others in a better, more creative way. Why Unathi specifically? When I read their lore, it immediately put a character in my mind. They fit the setting of the server (that being of businesses competing for superiority out on the edges of space) very well.

What are some example names for the alien species?
Sshresa Kalas, Rozsur Greklas, Riaal Iiskriani

Summarize what you know about the species.
Unathi are a species of traders. Almost nothing is out of the question when it comes to obtaining a good deal. While an Unathi might be the friendliest face in the room, trying to cheat them may lead the silver tongued snake to more drastic measures. They don't take such slights laying down, and trying to give them a raw deal might just have been a declaration of war, economic or otherwise. Treat them right, however, and you might just have the a very loyal and profitable business partner on your hands. Even when removed from direct dealings in a matter of trade, they can be very discomforted by what they perceive as a poor deal. They take great pride in their work and themselves, even if they are not always the most personally open with strangers.

Provide an example character bio for your xeno character.
Riaal came from humble beginnings, born to a pair of space borne Unathi workers aboard a failing space station. His formative years were spent watching the station grow and evolve around him as the pair of engineers worked day and night to bring the orbital scrapheap into some semblance of a working orbital station. After some years, their work was considered done, and it was time to pack up and move on, selling their skills to some other business in need. Jobs came and went, as did people, all the while he was watching and learning, taking mental notes on how his parents negotiated with strangers, learning their trade, and most importantly, learning from their mistakes. When he finally came of age to strike off on his own, he gathered what meager possessions and knowledge he had and set out to seek an apprenticeship. His parents and his schooling had taught him how to a job well, but that was not enough. He didn't want to just wander around, job to job, he'd have workers to do that for him. A business to call his own, one whose services were sought across the galaxy... But he has to start here, at the bottom. He knew he was worth more than they'd give him, and that ground against every fiber of his being, but with blunt honesty and hard work he'd prove his worth, gain their trust, and with time, their proper business.
I feel you understand just what you're getting into alright. Application approved.

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