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Thread Contributor: HjorthornPashangwala Phorosian Application
About You
I am a 20 year old biology major studying to get into the National Forestry Service (United States). I love to roleplay and have been doing so on the internet for about 9 or 10 years. I typically play SS13 on Polaris, Colonial Marines, here, or Halo (Naval Combat is fun on SS13!). I learned to play on Baystation code so I'm very familiar with the mechanics. I am applying for Phorosian because my character was on Cythos Station during the time of its cargo bay's Phoron leak and explosion, as well as frequently entering the station's phoron engine to repair the walls while traces of phoron still remain in the air - I thought it would be interesting for Pash to become a victim of Phoron Restructurant Syndrome.

What is your Byond key?

How long have you been playing on Persistence?
Since I first saw it on the server list, I think a week or two ago?

What are the names of your better-known characters?
Beratna Pashangwala is my only character.
About The Species

What alien species are you applying for?

Phorosian. I'm not sure how to extend this to a paragraph.

How does playing an alien differ from playing a human, and how will you represent this ingame?

Xenos have different needs and respond to substances such as water and air in different ways than human. Pash will have difficulty re-learning skills, adjusting to Phorosian biology, and suffering from traumatic stress caused by memories of the explosion. Additionally, due to PRS often being the result of negligence on a station, Pash may suffer assumptions that he is a careless engineer and may have difficulty finding and maintaining employment.

Why do you want to play as the alien species?

I thought it would be interesting to take my character's presence in an event a step further, and would result in better story if they had to deal with a sudden and difficult lifestyle change. Pash, having quit his job on Cythos to avoid the dangerous workspace, will need to perform well at his new post on Shell Station, despite the condition impeding much of his skill memory and his job requiring much of him to bring the station to full operational condition.

What are some example names for the alien species?

The same as human names, as Phorosians are the result of a strange mutation of organic tissue. Not sure how to extend this to a paragraph.

Summarize what you know about the species.

Victims of PRS have a large amount of their body's tissue replaced by phoron, and as such develop a dependence on the substance to continue living; needing to breathe it as other lifeforms require air. Due to the drastic change of the body's biology and no longer having oxygen-carrying blood, Phorosians are immune to disease. Additionally, as the new tissues process compounds differently, Phorosians are immune to toxins. Being made of a highly flammable substance, Phorosians will spontaneously combust in oxygen - withering away as their body oxidizes into ash. Phorosians are also very weak and lack any nerves, due to substantial tissue degeneration during the process. Similarly, they do not need to eat.

[b]Provide an example character bio for your xeno character.[/b]
[b]Beratna Pashangwala began to undergo PRS after the leak incident, and was hospitalized. While there, memory loss resulted in him adjusting to adopt his nickname, Pash, as his first name and his first name as his surname - making him Pash Beratna. He also lost a number of engineering skills to the disease - particularly his experience in construction and electrical systems. After being deemed capable of working, he contacted his friend Joshua and arranged a job on his station, Shell, as a maintenance tech.[/b]
Very well done, this whitelist has my approval.

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