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Thread Contributor: UrsurVat-Growns Lore Suggestions Thread
Let's have all your ideas and discussions for Vat-Growns and their place in the world of PS13 in this thread.

I'll start with a bunch of my own ideas that could make a base for their in-game lore. I won't put it in any specific order right now as I'm writing in on the go, spontaneously. Comments and criticism welcome. Excuse my occasionally strange grammar and errors, English isn't my L1.

  • The basic vat-grown design:

With the ground-breaking discovery of Phoron tens of years ago, a new world of possibilities opened up for the human race. Biology and medicine were among the fields touched by the scientific revolution, with seemingly miraculous new drugs and the cloning technology emerging and developing rapidly. Soon, cloning organs and even creating entire body copies, "Complete Corporeal Insurance" (CCI), was common practice in the civilized and developed systems, introducing a new kind of population boom. Regulations regarding cloning practices were relatively quickly becoming more and more relaxed, albeit staying within the boundaries of common sense.

By the time when the idea of an artificially-conceived and grown person would not outrage anyone but the most extremist, the vat-grown human project was already nearing its completion. The brightest minds of Collectum Medica, and interstellar organization dedicated to life sciences, developed a method where it was possible to produce an adult human being  using only specialized apparatus and no direct human involvement apart from obtaining gametes, in a quarter of the time required in the traditional process, and with a vast capability to alter the specimen in numerous ways (as in program for specific preferences and looks). After the public presentation of the project, it was instantly funded by various megacorps and authorities and fit for mass-scale use.

This undertaking had proven to be attractive and cost-effective enough (with a prospect of creating near-ideal, dedicated workers, idols and soldiers) to be quickly supplemented with the Vat-Grown Accelerated Schooling and Training (VAST), where the blank minds of new vat-growns would be prepared for their lives in the most efficient way possible. The program consists of a very intense schedule of profiled classes, developing social and personal awareness in controlled environments, and holographic/VR courses. VAST always varies depending on the destiny of a particular batch or model of vat-growns, and as such they are usually savants, excelling in their assigned area and being clueless and uncomfortable in any other, encompassing even every-day small-talk.

Physically, the base vat-grown model has been streamlined to the extreme, but is still highly customisable if one desires. Universal features are pale skin, a removed appendix and byzantine teeth nodes, and a delicate immune system, unavoidable or intended effects of artificial genome alteration. Lack of hair is prevalent among vatgrowns, especially bred for work in sterile environments, but on the other hand some are designed to have very prominent hairstyles.

Officially produced ones tend to have a very artificial look to them, with perfect body proportions and face symmetry. However, the ones grown in unregistered 'tuns' on backwater stations or 'slave factories' can look like a caricature of a man, with numerous ailments - hunched, squinted and so on. These usually aren't lucky enough to receive the VAST, neither, leaving them imbeciles, scary or at least awkward to interact with.

There are four main archetypes that Vat Farms (enterprises focused specifically on providing vat-grown humans, including the VAST) offer for their customers, further narrowed down when it comes to VAST afterwards, depending on the assignment in mind:

- WC (White-collar) Models, 'Smarts' [derogatory: Water Closet, braincase] - designed to do clerical, laboratory or otherwise mind-oriented jobs.

- Social Models - often molded to have an attractive body and/or personality, laborers of the services branch, entertainers. They receive extended VAST focused on social interactions. Some even happen to become psychologists or pop idols.

- BC (Blue-collar) Models, 'Manuals', [derogatory: ape, phisol] - dedicated to physical work; everything from construction to gardening. More prone to enjoy physical exercise, often reduced self-reflective abilities, robust metabolism.

- Combat Models [derogatory: goon, brute] - self-explanatory, designed as security guards or troops. A rather rare sight, even rarer as mercenaries, bodyguards or assassins. Always closely monitored by their supervisors. (I'd suggest avoiding this type as a playable character for an RP server, unless it's only a backstory. Still a potent ground for space-nam cliche or an edgelord, tread carefully.)

These are usually produced in batches of tens or even hundreds, depending on the demand at hand. It is also worth remembering that most Vat Farms are ready to provide custom models. Because of the industry-like nature of their creation, Vat-Growns tend to have a single name (usually the archetype name, for example Daniel) with a number added after a space or a hyphen (batch name or order name), in effect giving us something like Daniel 454, or Cassandra-03. Custom vat-growns sometimes get original, 'natural' names, as requested by the client. All officially-made vatgrowns bear a tattooed credential/ID on them, placement depends on the particular Farm. Most tattoo upper arms, some thighs or even foreheads. The ID consists of a date of conception, place of conception and the order id number, and it's usually a single line of letters and numbers, sometimes with hyphens or underscores.

Nowadays, vat-growns are still treated almost like a commodity in many civilized systems and public forums boil from discussions regarding their status in the eyes of baseline humans and other races. What they can do and what can be done to them is pretty vague and varies from place to place, as companies in possession have the liberty to regulate this on their own, which sometimes ends catastrophically.

Despite the inhuman ways of their conception, bringing up and later treatment, many manage to eventually recognize their situation, especially when working close to 'naturals' (as vatgrowns call their naturally-born and raised brethren). It is not uncommon to hear about models applying for citizenship or trying to buy themselves out of the company they were created for, even if it's not an easy task for them. In such instances, some decide to change their name to something 'natural'-like, but others bear their former names with pride. On huge stations or in planetside cities some even form organisations or gangs based on this common background. Most vat-growns coming to the frontier would be either self-liberated or escapees, or optionally sent by their overlords to complement the remote facilities.

In the end, being registered as a 'Dedicated Model' or not makes all the difference.

 [Dedicated space for edits and additional ideas:]
-none for now-

My comments to the above:
  • Phoron could be easily replaced with any other substance here, but I think we need some 'wonder material' to make growing humans en-masse viable.
  • I am aware this is rather general, but I am able to add more details or specific names/dates if required in the future, and you can suggest yours too!

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