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Thread Contributor: NickSho_[NickSho_] [Unathi] Whitelist Application
About You

What is your Byond key?

How long have you been playing on Persistence?
Two weeks and a half.

What are the names of your better-known characters?
Levi Brown, Nick Morgan.

About The Species

What alien species are you applying for?


How does playing an alien differ from playing a human, and how will you represent this ingame?

Playing an alien is entirely different than playing a human, that is because of the lore difference between the two. Playing an alien means telling a story in a completely different mindset, being an Unathi means reacting, acting, and interacting depending on what an Unathi's behaviour is, depending on their social, economic, moral and educational values. I'm going to represent this by roleplaying as an Unathi, remembering their history, values, and lore.

Why do you want to play as the alien species?

I want to improve as a roleplayer, I want to get out of my comfort zone, roleplaying as an Unathi, I want to play as the alien species to try new things, and to see how people react to my actions caused by my past, Unathi lore and psychology.

What are some example names for the alien species?

Kannesk Nissak, Vilsork Barresk, Ssalirk Mariik.

Summarize what you know about the species.

Unathi are large reptilian humanoids that are typically 2 meters tall, they are similiar to earth's lizards. They can be seen shrewd and forceful, but they are overall a friendly species. Their society values good business and trade, and are friendly when engaged in business ordeals, because they know that other species prefer that. They take great pride in their work, but they have quite a temper. An annoyed Unathi is an aggressive individual, and will not stay quiet if they get cheated in a trade. They grow nervous and uncomfortable when a bad deal is being made. Rather than competing for land, they started their society by trading between neighbours and nearby civilizations, the species was more cooperative with itself.

[b]Provide an example character bio for your xeno character.[/b]
[b]Kannesk Nissak was born in a family of traders, when he was little, he always played with other Unathi of the same age, years passed and he learnt the galactic common language, teached by the parents of one of his friends. He realized that all of his friends started searching for a job, something that they were really good at, and that they could have made use of it. He decided to start finding his talent to become independent and find a job, and he discovered that he had a talent for medicine. He really liked the function of the body, and decided to start practicing. Luckily, just two days after he discovered his talent, an injured Unathi was walking in the streets, when he told me to get in his house and to lay down the living room's table. The injured Unathi had a deep cut on his arm, and Kannesk Nissak immediatly knew what to do, he put ointment on the wound, sutured the cut, and cauterized it with a lighter. He was very prideful of what he did, and the other Unathi thanked him, telling him that his hands were steady and quick, and didn't feel alot of pain because of that. Kannesk Nissak continued studying and eventually he made a fame in his village, and he was getting some money. He learnt about the chemicals, about surgeries, and the equipment used on space stations, from some books. One day he decided that to have a succesfull carreer he had to go to the fronteer, he said one last goodbye to his parents, promising him to become a succesfull doctor, and went to the fronteer, ready for an entirely new world.[/b]
I feel you get the idea of what the Unathi are like, and I hope that you can express that well in Roleplay. Accepted.

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