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Thread Contributor: Greenjoe[Greenjoe] [Unathi] lore app
About You

What is your Byond key?

How long have you been playing on Persistence?
Over a month, maybe two months?

What are the names of your better-known characters?
My only active character is Maria Jones

About The Species

What alien species are you applying for?


How does playing an alien differ from playing a human, and how will you represent this ingame?

Unathi are completely different from humans, if you play one of them they will react differently to different situations then a human possibly would. While playing as one you would want to think over situations and how they will react, keeping Unathi lore in mind.

Why do you want to play as the alien species?

The Unathi I have seen on the server seem interesting and different, and I think it would be interesting to make my second character a Unathi, if I pass this application. The Unathi lore I have read on the wiki also sounds rather interesting and I like the concept of different sentient species in sci-fi and fantasy worlds.

What are some example names for the alien species?

Some names such as Teindul Pecalees, Heedeeixth Tikeermesh and Akih'r Caleegoulus could be fitting, Unathi names. These names often have harsh consonants, long vowels at the front and short at the back.

Summarize what you know about the species.

Physically, Unathi are usually somewhat larger then humans, being around 2 meters tall on average. Being reptiles, they are cold blooded

 and normally come in colors like green or yellow. (other colored Unathi do exist though). Eye colors other then golden brown are seen as rare and interesting to others of the species. Their heads vary quite a lot between individuals. Also they have tails. 
Unathi are friendly, if a bit shrewd. The females are normally easier to anger then the males. They dislike bad deals going on.
Their home world is on a tilted axis, meaning the northern half gets more sunlight then the south. Most of the life on this planet is on the northern part and the planet itself is a bit bigger then Earth. There are large seas on the Unathi home world, although there are no big oceans. The equator region of their homeworld is a barren and arid place, and on the south half there are tundras. On the northern half there are jungles and lush life.
Early Unathi society is similar to that of Humans, but there was not conflict, they instead traded with each other. The species often worked together as a whole to help out others of their own. But later on wars started over trading right, those fighting were told they would get some of the profits. Now, in modern times  the Unathi are together under one "Planetary body". Though different nations still exist, their trade is watched by a governing body. This is made up of large Leaders and businesses. The Unathi do have an army, but they mainly fight for others for profit. More of the Unathi force are mercenaries though, which they are well known for. They will do almost anything where rewards outweigh risks.
Smaller Unathi companies have ties to large companies, at least until they can branch out on their own.
To sum it up, the Unathi are a rather business orientated race and like to do things to make a profit

[b]Provide an example character bio for your xeno character.[/b]
I am thinking of the name Onasha Tikeerdesh for my character
She would be 43 years old and recently have traveled out to the frontier Hoping to make money. She would be more polite then most other females of her species.
She grew up on her homeworld, her family are engineers and from a young age she took on an interest in their work. She helped out working on machines when she was old enough, learning from her parents and from the engineering school she attended

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