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Thread Contributor: PandolphinaPandolphina - Admin Application
BYOND Key: Pandolphina
In UTC, what time range do you usually play in?: UTC +1, 14:00-22:00 on weekdays, 10:00-24:00 on weekends 
Names of your current and past Persistent characters: Aurora Wright, Katherine Sinclair, Ashley Cohen
How long have you been playing Space Station 13: I've been using multiple accounts to get the hang of the game in single player and small servers for about a year and 3/4, but officially I've been playing for around a year, since October-November 2017
How long have you been playing Persistent Station 13: Played a lot during the Refugee/Entrepreneur Station era, then recently started playing the new code about 3-4 weeks ago.

Q: Have you ever been a staff member for any SS13 servers? (Please state where and how long if you have):

A: I was a Head Admin on BeeStation, trying to advocate against the adminbus for about 6-7 months before ultimately quitting to work on a more RP server.

I moderated and coded a bit on SCP13 for around 4-5, ultimately quitting because of internal arguments with management and generally disliking the direction the server was going.

I've coded on OBS1, but project is kinda dying.

I've been working on a personal project for porting Paranoia: Alpha Complex to SS13, though that hardly counts.

I've also staffed on non SS13 servers such as Star Wars RP on Gmod, some Russian Gmod Dark RP.

Q: Are you currently banned from any SS13 servers? (Please state where and for what reason if you are):

A: I'm not currently banned from playing on any servers.

Q: In your opinion, what’s the biggest problem with the server right now, and what would you do to help resolve it?:

A: Right now, a big problem is the lack of admins online at GMT+1 lowpop. Another problem is the lack of code diversity for small things.

Timezone-issue wise I can be on quite a bit, and can usually log on at odd hours as well, if needed.

Code wise, I believe I can help as well. My failed ammo fab that was ultimately passed onto someone else, and my current modular guns project is something that should help.

Answer the following scenarios and how you would deal with them to the best of your ability.

Q: An adminhelp comes in claiming that an individual is griefing a starter station, but the individual is taking part in an organized faction raid. How do you deal with the situation?

A: I'd inform them that I'm looking into the issue. I'd then check the raiders notes to see if they have previous notes of such incidents, and then look at logs for obvious signs of random grief. After that'd, I'd PM them to ask them what they're doing. If they didn't know, I'd warn them, assuming there was still RP, and link them the rules. If they claim to have a staff members permission, I'd contact the staff member to confirm. If they did in fact have permission, I'd ask them to limit damage to not completely destroy everything, and leave cryo rooms and such intact. If they lied about staff permission, there would be bans or a warning for grief and lying to staff, depending on the level of RP and grief.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who had been killed by another player, claiming that the killer was not RPing and wasn't acting correctly, but the individual had previously kidnapped the killer and tied them to a chair in order to extort them. How do you deal with the situation?

A: I'd inform them that I'm looking into the issue. Then, I'd look into chat logs and attack logs to see if the claims were true. I'd then PM the attacker, to get their side of the story. Judging from the level of RP, it'd either be an IC issue, if it was RPed well. Otherwise, it might be a warning or a temp ban if it was closer to "Chloral syringe, apply crowbar to head".

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who claims that a griefer blew up part of their station and vented it. How do you handle the situation?

A: I'd inform them that I'm looking into the issue. First, I'd check logs to see if any messages such as "ass blast USA" or other common griefer messages. If nothing similar is found, I'd ask the griefer about his part of the story. If he was an obvious troll, or lacked RP, I'd hand out a temp ban. If, however, it was an RP, potentially corporate sabotage, I'd tell the alleged griefer that it was valid, but to refrain from damaging cryo rooms. 

Q: When interviewing several individuals after an incident, each of them have a different story about what happened. How do you find the truth?

A: I'd first get all of the stories, and write them down. Then, I'd look through chat logs and attack logs. Then, VAR fingerprint logs and similar VAR logs.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who had been killed due to their cryo room being vented. How do you proceed?

A: I'd teleport them to a safe area on that station, unless it happens to be an example similar to that of Cythos, in which case they would be teleported to the starter station. They would then be revived. Engineers would be SMed or PMed about the issue, or, if none are available, I'd use buildmode to manually fix it.

Q: You are receiving several adminhelps from one person, claiming that another individual is breaking the rules, but the individual has not breached any rules. How do you handle this?

A: I'd inform them I'll look into the issue. I'd ask them to refrain from sending multiple ahelps, as well. After thoroughly checking that the accused player has not broken any rules, I'd reply to the accuser with such information, calling it an IC issue but giving them a forum link to the player complaint area, if they'd like to make a complaint.

Q: A player joins the round and immediately begins vandalizing the current station while evading security. You attempt to contact them, but get no response. How do you handle the situation?

A: I'd teleport them to an admin prison or secluded area, via get-mob and then use the paralyse verb, since nobody likes getting beaten by sec due to being paralyzed in a hallway. I'd then PM them, asking hem about what they did. If I receive a rude answer, they would receive an appealable temp ban, with a link to the forums. If they log out, I'd wait a bit in case it was an actual internet problem. If they do not log back in, they would receive an appealable temp ban with a forum link. Finally, if they appear new to the game, I would give them a warning, and a link to a starter guide and the rules.

Q: A player adminhelps, and asks how to put duct tape on a piece of paper. How do you handle the situation?

A: I'd inform them that gameplay questions that aren't IC in OOC should be asked in OOC or LOOC. I'd then proceed to tell them how to put duct tape on paper, and then wish them a good round.

Q: A player claims that they were killed and their lace was lost during a restart. No one else can back up this claim, and logs are unavailable. How do you handle the situation?

A: I'd ask around for other members of staff and players who happened to know the player. If a sufficient amount of staff or players agree, I'd spawn the lace in medical. If a player or staff member can provide screenshots, I'd do the same. If neither of these happen, I'd continue to look for other sources of evidence.
-Have seen him online
-Seems willing and competent enough to become staff
-Put a lot of work into his application
-Haven’t seen him RP so I can’t comment on that
-Current playtime is fairly low
-Not that active but will most likely skyrocket when he becomes staff

Final Note- I hope you get staff you would be a good addition to the team just please be more active cause are staff team right now isn’t that active.
Hey. Thank you for the feedback.

Currently, due to some family events and the fact that current RP is more people wordlessly prepping for the invasion, I haven't been logging in a lot. This would change if I became staff, as I'd have a reason to always be online (helping people, answering ahelps, stopping grief.)

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