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Thread Contributor: 2cwldys2cwldys' Unathi Application
About You

What is your Byond key?

How long have you been playing on Persistence?
I have returned a great many weeks ago, I can say close to September and faring on early October month days.
I did play back in February, but was banned for a definite duration of close to six to seven months?

What are the names of your better-known characters?
Buck Miles
Robert Barclay
Adam Oranges

About The Species

What alien species are you applying for?

How does playing an alien differ from playing a human, and how will you represent this ingame?
I will show the ideals that should be evident in the species behavior, in the Unathi's case.. is a constant businessman etiquette.. always a few steps ahead and dressing sharply as a bureaucrat.. Working to save money and spend less in any cases.

Why do you want to play as the alien species?
I want to give an alienated species a try, with a hopefully-good natured background to thwart a memorable experience of my character and any scenarios he may be in for the persistence that is on the station. I personally love Unathi because of my love for Ferengi on Star Trek, I am hoping to create some interesting lore too if allowed.. in basis of roleplay actions or with the species maintainer(s) themselves.

What are some example names for the alien species?
With clarification from the maintainer, Jhorritikii - I am allowed to do anything as long as it is not severely bizzare, or is not relative to human names or other species. More in a tribal sense it can be traditionalist with families, or a name given for myself (as in some cases are evident in real life.) There is a fine margin with this I'd speculate.

Summarize what you know about the species.

Unathi, from my experience in game.. and particular cheating by asking the Maintainer themselves.. is quite remarkable. Although from what I've read on lore threads.. many on the server like to pick them by what I call the 'tg' aspect.. of how they are portrayed as potentially violent beings and perfect candidates for Security and Operations. Although I would like to give a twist, and surely a remember able twist for my individual Unathi I create if accepted. I will give the lore a good good read and try a basis off that, perhaps go for a banker.. or by all means necessary acquire wealth by the most popular means.

From browsing other applications, which I am guilty of.. I have came to the basis (clearly) that they are reptilian-amphibious creatures, similar to that of a earth lizard. They breed through eggs, so there is surely going to be a lot of them in the galaxy.. similar to that of how family names are given.. so instead of 5 humans being (-Adams) and even branching further because of marriage.. , there can be perhaps hundreds of ... whatever is composed of a family name for the Unathi. This means there can be royalty as well, since wealth is distributed evenly through family.. even though there can be marriage.. the bloodline is in tact with that and genetic features.

Unathi are your usual space bureaucrats, always one .. or even two steps ahead of the person they speaking with or bartering with. This does not mean always though, they can be ill/sick, and having a bad day as the rest of us. However I have some neat lore ideas likely towards (stealing from ST here..) rules of wealth and distribution, religion even perhaps? and a recent idea I brought up to brawler is gold-pressed etheribars. Neat little things as well like a business faction with ranks based on total wealth and past business transactions. Banking would be interesting with the gold-pressed etheribars as well, and it can gain strange attraction from other species.. boosting the value which is in control of a Unathi Financing Commission (?)

Provide an example character bio for your xeno character.

Azaranth Izoth'kil, Age: 56/250~ish life span?

Izoth'kil is an odd-colored and genetically differentiated Unathi, spawn of the many primal eggs of royalty in the Azaranth Family, from the planet Hrothgar.. A harsh tropical planet belonging to a celestial belt of many other planets that compose territorial control of the Azaranth family, and their financial operatives. It never stops raining on Hrothgar, and it is a basis of many trade and cargo freighters in and out of the sector with ties to the Capital Homeworld of Moghes. With this, brings stations and life to the outer part of the frontier. Izoth'kil is one of many to be considered successful in his time, for that he is awared with the highest of honors and has underwent large processes such as family tradition rituals, and genetic-makeup art.. similar to "Tattoos" for humans. This showers him the highest nobility of the Azaranth family, and his future bright as a shining star.

Among the collection of days in the stars that is the frontier, his financial account was siphoned with unclear evidence or tracks within the Grand Banks of the homeworld planet, Moghes. Liquidators of the Unathi Financial Commission were quick to look into this matter, but there was no resolve. For such actions came many temperaments in the great courts of advisors and all the detectives they had to offer. The loss of all this money and gold-pressed Etheribars came with great tirades in the Azaranth Family when Izoth'kil had to break the news to his father, Azaranth Vanikon. He was immediately exiled without question, for without money and wealth in the Azaranth Family. Those who were in poverty were treated no more than exiles and left to utter destitution. Usually those in this state were left in dealing with raiders, smugglers, and mercenaries among stations in outer rim territories.. Including the frontier.

With the exile of him from his ties to Hrothgar and Moghes.. he sets off to cast at the frontier, for which there is many business opportunities awaiting him (such as Persistence Station in it's current and always-present states). He has his mind set for a goal, and that goal is to recover his lost wealth.. perhaps in time finding who took his fortune.. although unlikely.. and even could be an attempt from the Unathi Financial Commission themselves. By all means necessary he will work odd jobs, being two or even three steps ahead than the usual.. and quickly siphoning money from the inexperienced in the ways of barter. People who come across him will eventually leave with a empty wallet.. by legal means of course. When all of Azaranth's money is to be re-acclaimed.. he will finally return to his family a restored man and quick to choose a better bank and means of security for his money.. and to be loved again by his humble Father and Mother.. Azaranth Vanikon and Azaranth Zirimal. The frontier awaits.

EDIT: I ninja edited because a naming Issue? I was told by the user of Jilla? They use their first name in marriage.

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