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Thread Contributor: UrsurUrsur - Admin Application
BYOND Key: Ursur
In UTC, what time range do you usually play in?: I am available from 7pm. to 3-5am. every day. Half of this time or more I spend playing SS13.
Names of your current and past Persistent characters: Akemi Irsar, Juliet Arceaux, Deirdre Greenwind, Zhao Min
How long have you been playing Space Station 13: About 4 years under various ckeys.
How long have you been playing Persistent Station 13: About 3-4 months.

Have you ever been a staff member for any SS13 servers? (Please state where and how long if you have): Yes. I have been an admin for a bastard Fallout13 server for several months in the spring/summer of 2017, and a moderator on Baystaion for half a year in 2018. I am currently a Mentor on Civ13.

Are you currently banned from any SS13 servers? (Please state where and for what reason if you are): No.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest problem with the server right now, and what would you do to help resolve it?: Lack of accessibility for new players, the rules/server playstyle direction is not transparent enough; elitism among players, OOC snarkiness, especially on Discord. The first issue needs to be discussed and a proper introduction for new players should be prepared. I see tons of people asking beginner questions in discord, which is good, but answers could be supplied by an information page/bulletin or some in-game introduction instead. There needs to be a clear, visible statement for newcomers: This is a Roleplaying server. Here is what can you do on PS13 as examples, so you don't feel lost. Etcetera. And links to more info, straight to the face. Maybe links to how get into roleplaying. It could also help limiting the greytide, with an introduction like this there is no excuse for ignorance. As for the latter issue, I am not sure if anything can be done. Maybe spreading awareness. I can elaborate on player elitism if you want me to.

Answer the following scenarios and how you would deal with them to the best of your ability.

Q: An adminhelp comes in claiming that an individual is griefing a starter station, but the individual is taking part in an organized faction raid. How do you deal with the situation?
A: I am not exactly sure what is the staff policy about relaying OOC information to players - this concern will also relate to my others answers below. If I am allowed to do that, I'd explain to the player what kind of event is taking place and that the raiders/person in question are/is justified. If not, I'd be more indirect but would try to lay out the same in a calm and polite manner. On the other hand, I'd investigate the reported player to make sure they're not breaking any rules just in case, or going overboard with raiding.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who had been killed by another player, claiming that the killer was not RPing and wasn't acting correctly, but the individual had previously kidnapped the killer and tied them to a chair in order to extort them. How do you deal with the situation?
A: I'd check the variables logs to validate the report and get a clearer perspective. I would explain to the killed player that speaking is not mandatory to roleplay out a situation and actions can speak for themselves, while acknowledging that the act was carried out in poor manner. I would also explicitly point out that actions have their consequences and the victim should have been ready for possible revenge. In my eyes, the murderer was justified, given the context and previous roleplaying situations, but the execution of revenge was subpar. I would address the murderer player with this concern, lecture them about more fair/nicer escalation and maybe give some tips about roleplaying. If the murderer player did not ahelp his intentions to kill another player, he would be still punished appropriately and the killed player compensated, preferably after I consult other staff members about the issue.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who claims that a griefer blew up part of their station and vented it. How do you handle the situation?
A: I answer the ahelp and tell them that I will try to handle it. I would check around the area in question for clues, check the people in proximity on aghost, check explosions logs and variables logs of suspected players. I would approach several chosen players with PMs and interview them for more clues. If possible, I would employ other staffmembers to help. I would try to make sure the ahelper was not the culprit and that it was not an accident but a deliberate grief. If a culprit was found he would be interrogated to make sure he had no motif or buildup to the bombing, and a warning or a punishment would be issued appropriately.

Q: When interviewing several individuals after an incident, each of them have a different story about what happened. How do you find the truth?
A: I would try to verify their confessions by talking to other players/witnesses of the issue, and also check variables logs to confirm their versions (attack logs and speech logs). I would try to ask other staffmembers to help to split the workload, maybe try to repeat the interview with players providing mixed reports to solidify their confessions.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who had been killed due to their cryo room being vented. How do you proceed?
A: If they were not in game and were in no power to counteract, I would provide the minimal amount of help to remedy the damage, for example reviving the body to a very damaged state and moving it away a little - if there is no medical staff ready to help and aware of the emergency. If the venting happened because of their own stupidity or carelessness, I would point it out and suggest to be more careful in the future, and provide no help.

Q: You are receiving several adminhelps from one person, claiming that another individual is breaking the rules, but the individual has not breached any rules. How do you handle this?
A: I would try to politely explain to the ahelper that no rules were broken and try to refer to common sense, logic and rules in order to do so. If their reports are unreasonable or a product of frustration, I would sternly warn them to cool off and/or rethink the purpose and manner of ahelping/contacting staff. If thrashing about continues, I'd apply a warning kick first and then escalate as needed.

Q: A player joins the round and immediately begins vandalizing the current station while evading security. You attempt to contact them, but get no response. How do you handle the situation?
A: I immediately freeze their mob and note their ckey/IP. I give them one more chance to start communicating. If they do, I would explain how their actions are considered griefing on the server, and apply punishment proportional to how the conversation goes. Ignorance is not an excuse, but the attitude of the player gives away if they are willing to rehabilitate or not. If no communication is established after the final warning, I ban the player permamently and delete the mob or gib it if it is somehow appropriate for the situation and funny for other players. I'd try to calm down the players agitated by the grief and remedy any extreme damage like deaths or major destruction.

Q: A player adminhelps, and asks how to put duct tape on a piece of paper. How do you handle the situation?
A: If there is no moderators available to handle it, I answer and in a polite and calm manner explain how to put a piece of duct tape on a piece of paper, step by step. To my best knowledge you need to hold the tape in one hand, and click with it on the piece of paper. Or maybe it was the other way round. I don't remember every single fucking detail, but giving attention to players in need and encouraging them to solve the problem together if I'm not sure about something is what counts and works.

Q: A player claims that they were killed and their lace was lost during a restart. No one else can back up this claim, and logs are unavailable. How do you handle the situation?
A: It all depends on circumstances and there are many ways which I could take here. Did they die in combat, by an accident, out of their own carelessness? Is their claim true or are they just ignorant about what happened to the lace, maybe it is elsewhere? I am not sure if there are any tools available to staff to locate laces specifically, if there are, I'd try to use it. I'd try to ask the player what/who the character was and what they expect me to do. If I reckon that the player is not trying to scam me to get a free revive or get some other advantage, and there is no other way to return the character, I would help with getting the character or a just a lace back - I am well aware of how precious a character can be to a person on PS13 and I see no reason to ruin their fun if they have no ill intentions and were just randomly wronged. If reviving, recreating the lace is impossible, I'd suggest re-doing the character in the setup. If I have difficulties confirming the claim I would ask other staffmembers to help and for opinions.

Personal comment:
I've grown to like PS13 a lot, it's very unique and appealing to me and I would like to be a bigger part of it, help to create it and maintain it. I clearly admit I am not extensively knowledgeable about mechanics, especially the particularities of PS13, but I have quite a lot of experience on original  Bay code and I learn fast, and I wish to learn. I'm not a native English speaker as you may have guessed already by the weird choice of words at times, but I think I can handle 95% of conversations pretty well. I consider myself a reserved and reasonable person, I hate smugness and abrasiveness. As an administrator I would focus on upholding a friendly atmosphere, providing help and guidance to players and organizing events to keep the gameplay interesting, which is one of my favourite things to do in general (I have a lot of experience as a game master for tabletop games too.) Thanks for sparing your time to review my app.

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