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Thread Contributor: RunecapPaperwork
This thread'll start as the paperwork thread for the server where you can put all your cool ideas onto here! We'll start off with my Receipt Paperwork. Remember that there's placeholder text in the paperwork for you to feel AS you are writing it IC. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD STUFF TO THE PLACEHOLDERS.

Here's the pastebin link since Code doesn't seem to work w/ BBCode and spoilers don't seem to be a thing either

Remember to save it onto some notepad file or something for easy keeping and modification! I also recommend changing those altcodes at the top each paper, they're meant to function as sorta Barcodes/Serial Codes. You should keep it starting and ending with ┌ and ┘ respectively. Happy paperworking, fellow Paper Pushers!

Pierre salutes to this glorious scene

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