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Thread Contributor: RecountedRecounted admin application
In UTC, what time range do you usually play in?:7:00pm to 11:30 pm 
Names of your current and past Persistent characters:Ray Dubi 
How long have you been playing Space Station 13:four years 
How long have you been playing Persistent Station 13Confusedix months(including the hiatus) 

Have you ever been a staff member for any SS13 servers? (Please state where and how long if you have):Colonial marines for approximately six months before stepping down. 

Are you currently banned from any SS13 servers? (Please state where and for what reason if you are):None 

In your opinion, what’s the biggest problem with the server right now, and what would you do to help resolve it?:Lack of response time from ahelps. They could range from 5 to 10 minutes for very simple stuff sometimes. The wiki needs a total makeover with a proper guide to persistence to assist newcomers while spending time in the server. 

Answer the following scenarios and how you would deal with them to the best of your ability.

Q: An adminhelp comes in claiming that an individual is griefing a starter station, but the individual is taking part in an organized faction raid. How do you deal with the situation?
A:Respond by stating that there is a IC event going on and as long as it was known by us firsthand there isn't much to worry about for griefing. 

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who had been killed by another player, claiming that the killer was not RPing and wasn't acting correctly, but the individual had previously kidnapped the killer and tied them to a chair in order to extort them. How do you deal with the situation?
A: The player would be told that he kidnapped the player, which would could cause him to be likely harmed by the consequence of his actions. As for the killer he would get easy as it would appear as a IC scenario of being kidnapped and the said individual caused the player to provoke him. 

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who claims that a griefer blew up part of their station and vented it. How do you handle the situation?
A:ask for the names of the griefer(s),proceed to provide aheals for said individual. lastly seal off the vented areas to return it to previous state. 

Q: When interviewing several individuals after an incident, each of them have a different story about what happened. How do you find the truth?
A:Checking for said time and location of the moment is crucial for narrowing the search down as well as making it easier. Next checking back on Var's on said incident will assist me in finding out the truth. Question each person again what they were doing at each of the specific time, (i.e five minutes prior the incident) to discover their intents which could possibly lead to the truth in many situations. 

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who had been killed due to their cryo room being vented. How do you proceed?
A:Fix the vented room up and applying proper air mixture in to prevent the individual from being killed again.Move his body to another room and aheal him shortly after telling him to ensure all the rooms are properly sealed. 

Q: You are receiving several adminhelps from one person, claiming that another individual is breaking the rules, but the individual has not breached any rules. How do you handle this?
A:Inform the individual to stop spamming the ahelp with false reports of another player. If he does believe he truly is breaking the rules he must have pictures and other evidence to prove his case. 

Q: A player joins the round and immediately begins vandalizing the current station while evading security. You attempt to contact them, but get no response. How do you handle the situation?
A:Follow the player around checking to see if security will be able to apprehend the suspect then once he's caught, he will be pinged again and I will wait for him to respond. I'll tell him about this server not being LRP as he can't go around vandalizing without a proper RP reason. 

Q: A player adminhelps, and asks how to put duct tape on a piece of paper. How do you handle the situation?
A:Guide him through the steps and ask him if theres anything else he would need knowledge with. Also linking him to the reliable wiki of bay to help him further.

Q: A player claims that they were killed and their lace was lost during a restart. No one else can back up this claim, and logs are unavailable. How do you handle the situation?
A:Help the player restore his character and collect his account balance information to get him started until logs can be recovered. 

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