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Thread Contributor: FaustMrFaust96 - Admin Application
BYOND Key: MrFaust96
In UTC, what time range do you usually play in?: 1:00 AM (7:00 pm Central Standard Time)
Names of your current and past Persistent characters: Henry Faust, Lucius Caecilius

How long have you been playing Space Station 13: 2 years
How long have you been playing Persistent Station 13: 4 Months

Have you ever been a staff member for any SS13 servers? (Please state where and how long if you have): No

Are you currently banned from any SS13 servers? (Please state where and for what reason if you are): No

In your opinion, what’s the biggest problem with the server right now, and what would you do to help resolve it?: People angrily stating problems and dealing personal attacks in lieu of trying to productively and kindly come to a solution. I would sternly but politely tell all parties involved that while a heated discussion is fine that the discord is public for all newcomers to see and anti-server talk and personal attacks directly damage the health of the community

Answer the following scenarios and how you would deal with them to the best of your ability.

Q: An adminhelp comes in claiming that an individual is griefing a starter station, but the individual is taking part in an organized faction raid. How do you deal with the situation?
A: I would inform the claimant that an event is currently taking place and to state in detail what form the supposed griefing is taking and then I would investigate the details of the claim in order to determine if the claim that the offending individual was griefing is true or if their actions fall under the liberties given during the raid event.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who had been killed by another player, claiming that the killer was not RPing and wasn't acting correctly, but the individual had previously kidnapped the killer and tied them to a chair in order to extort them. How do you deal with the situation?
A: I would check offender's logs and RP status if the offender was breaking character or other inappropriate action then I would proceed to punish the offender if though I felt the actions were merited I would remind the claimant of their past actions. Regardless of merit, atypical situations notwithstanding, I would not heal the claimant.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who claims that a griefer blew up part of their station and vented it. How do you handle the situation?
A: I would first determine if an event was taking place. Secondly, I would speak to the offender to determine if the act was intentional while messaging the claimant if an event was indeed taking place. If the offender was unintentionally causing damage I would be more gentle with my punishment as merited by the rules and explain to them what they had done wrong.

Q: When interviewing several individuals after an incident, each of them has a different story about what happened. How do you find the truth?
A: I would first check the chat logs and other logging resources at the admin's disposal and then compare the received stories to that of which I can verify either through comparison to the logs to the other stories. I would then determine the response to the incident in the closest manner that I am able to while maintaining the spirit of the rules.

Q: An adminhelp comes in from an individual who had been killed due to their cryo room being vented. How do you proceed?
A: I would first attempt to confirm the claimant's story then I would proceed to either heal them and give them a chance to escape the room or I would move them to the nearest faction owned cryo pod that is in a safe room.

Q: You are receiving several adminhelps from one person, claiming that another individual is breaking the rules, but the individual has not breached any rules. How do you handle this?
A: I would ask the claimant what rules are being broken then proceed to explain the nature of the rules and why the offender is within them.

Q: A player joins the round and immediately begins vandalizing the current station while evading security. You attempt to contact them but get no response. How do you handle the situation?
A: They would be considered a griefer and I would contact them once more in an attempt to kindly resolve the conflict if that matter fails I would then proceed to ban the offending player.

Q: A player adminhelps, and asks how to put duct tape on a piece of paper. How do you handle the situation?
A: I would explain the process of how to do the action but would not spawn items or do any in-game changes unless the duct tape or paper were somehow bugged.

Q: A player claims that they were killed and their lace was lost during a restart. No one else can back up this claim, and logs are unavailable. How do you handle the situation?
A: I would speak with those who have access to previous saves and attempt to verify the claimant's story. If the story is accurate I would spawn their lace in the most fitting place. Messaging other players if need be.
"You don't study to pass the test, you study for the day when you are all that stands between the patient and the grave." - Mark Reed MD.

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