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Thread Contributor: ValkyrieRibbons!
We now have awards to give out to players for their various contributions! If you've been given the rank of Contributer, Donator, or another contribution-based rank, a ribbon will show up underneath your username to let everyone know that you da man (or gender-appropriate pronoun). Consider this our way of personally thanking you for everything you've done. I'll update the post as more ribbons are added. You're welcome to request ribbons.

If you need a ribbon added to your username to match your Discord rank, message either Brawler or myself on Discord with your forum name and the ribbon you need.

[Image: S4M0KAk.png]  The Contributer ribbon is given to anyone with the rank of Contributer.
[Image: emA7QYN.png] The Donator ribbon is given to anyone with the rank of Donator, which can be obtained by donating.
[Image: 42CGnnQ.png] The Wiki Contributer ribbon is given to those who's contributions to the wiki have exceeded our expectations.
[Image: OG9oZHK.png] The Development Contributer ribbon is given to those who contribute significantly to the Persistence codebase.
[Image: b4AEFHJ.png] The Senior Admin ribbon is given to admins who have done their duty for over a year.

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