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Thread Contributor: jipowapGiant Armored Serpentids and Greys possible lore presence
  It’s a quiet afternoon in a sleepy farming town on the South side of Tau Ceti Secundus. A nice breeze catches a hat and sends it fluttering off. It catches in mid air, and from the man’s perspective duplicates. The town gathers to observe the odd anomaly from a distance, before a deputy pokes it down with a stick. The second hat dissolves into nothing. Poles and police tape are erected, scientists are called, but just as soon as night falls the tape is split and the sound like a helicopter is briefly heard. Upon inspection the next morning there are a dozen cattle sucked dry of blood, and the flabbergasted farmer swears he was called to head to a bank by a teller who, it turns out, isn't even in the county. A GAS visitation is rarely accounted for by reason at the time, or even found out.

Kagigenihatati as known by Vox
     Only one known race is as old as the Vox, and they are the Greys, or eggheads as known to many Primalis. Where the Vox went into bluespace research and a wandering eye strategy to ascend, the Greys have gone almost entirely into the art of physical manipulation to extend their own existence. This has resulted in clonal bodies that never age with a genetic memory, but are extremely frail. To compensate they uplifted a few servitor races, chief amongst them being a particularly communal species of insect from their own homeworld. To compensate for their intense need for energy and oxygen an phoron processing organ was spliced in their genes from an unknown source.  
    They are the eyes, ears, and knives of the Greys in what little interest they have outside their quasi-dyson worlds. Built to be as efficient, silent and as quick to accomplish tasks as possible, with just enough intelligence to adapt to changes in circumstance.
    At home they are ruled and taught by a more creative minded queen mother. She has a thin layer of extra brainmass comparable to the pineal gland in humans that allows for new connections and original thoughts, if not a little madness and quirks. She is given directives by her Grey benefactors that she then sends her brothers and sons to accomplish.
   The GAS, while having an eidetic memory, struggle with creativity unless it is within a well organized system. A new GAS'ling will only parrot chunks of sentences it has heard before, stringing the disparate words with a large amount of ‘and’s and ‘aswell’s. Meanwhile an ancient GAS can recite a Shakespeare play never written, in Klingon. The Chinese box problem of AI comes to mind, in that it is not a response of a truly self conscious entity but a sort of organic computer response to stimulus. Thus they alone should not be considered truly 'sapient', but an extension of the Queen's own will.

    Giant armoured serpentids are arthropods and have long segmented bodies. Their two sets of arms each have vastly different functions. Their larger scythelike pair is used for hunting prey and when not in use, can be tucked in and held tightly against their bodies. The second set is smaller and proportioned more similarly to those of humans. They have three finger like appendages, each called a tarsus, on the ends of the foremost segment of these arms which allow them to pick up and manipulate tools and objects. These have multiple segments which can bend in both directions, wrapping around whatever they are picking up.
    Their tails look like an enormous legless centipede. Fragile wings are protected under a protective cover when not in use.
Moving either pair of arms requires both an underlying muscle structure and pressure generated from adjusting the volume of blood in their limbs. The mechanism is functionally similar to that of a hydraulic press and is capable of generating extreme amounts of pressure on anything they're grasping. This power requires them to divert fluid from their manipulation arms to their hunting arms, causing them to drop anything they might have been holding beforehand and rendering them useless for any precise tool using.
    Giant armoured serpentids, have a thick exoskeleton which is very strong. It has a series of iridophores over the surface which allows them to adaptively blend into their environment with extreme precision. This requires the precise control the cells, and as such isn’t something they can do consciously. They use this ability in a variety of different ways including camouflage, scaring their enemies, and as a part of a mating display.
    GAS have fantastic eyesight, even in very dark conditions due to their two large compound eyes set wide enough on their heads to give them a 360-degree view around them. Each individual section of the compound eye has a tapetum lucidum, a special reflective backing which allows them to see better in the dark in the same way cats do. This, however, makes them vulnerable to sudden bright lights such as flashes. A flash will temporarily blind them and while their vision will mostly recover, without medical attention their eyes will be permanently damaged. Luckily, they have two nearly opaque lenses that they can slide down over their eyes to protect them from bright lights such as fires. Though effective, these lenses make the giant armoured serpentid using them blind farther than about a meter away. They do not use them to blink or to clean their eyes but instead must clean their eyes manually as a part of the grooming process.
    The unique oxygen strategy of the giant armoured serpentid relies on using the phoron stored from both the air and from the food they eat. They create acetone using a special organ to extract components from what they eat and the air, mixing it with phoron to create dexalin. This is used to supplement the insufficient oxygen they get from the air around them and enables them to live in areas, like human ships and bases, with even lower oxygen levels and pressure than their home planet. They store sufficient phoron to last for months or years but need to create acetone frequently to maintain their level of dexalin. Theoretically, they wouldn’t need dexalin in an environment with sufficient levels of oxygen at a high enough pressure.
    Since NT's expansion and overwhelming monopoly on higher technologies the hand of the Greys has been encountered repeatedly and in concerning areas. Outposts thought to be unknown and star systems thought to be unreachable have had silent, barely noticeable, observers slink in. Copies of blueprints and message logs have disappeared or shown signs of being read. Fax machines send to encrypted destinations when staff are not looking. Whatever the Greys are after, they are making a very thorough sweep for it.

    The Primalis Voxi'i feel an inbuilt aggression towards GAS. It is unknown if this is an error of formatting, or a vestige of unspoken galactic history between Vox and Grey. Regardless, it is best to keep any imprisoned GAS out if sight of even the most passive Primalis. In recent years of mutual benefit, NT has procured a number of Armalis warriors to guard their more sensitive locales. The Armalis as well seem to be unnaturally aggressive and keen to step on the GAS, as the rate of successful intrusion has plummeted in their presence. 
Moved into Declined/Archive. There is no move for Greys to be added into the code, and no one to maintain them both lore and code-wise.

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