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Thread Contributor: CencereReason why Refugees are coming to the frontier
Here's my idea, Earth is divided into corporations. This goes on for a hundred years or so until Earth is swirling pollution with over ten billion people. Corporations up and abandon Earth after it's devastated, and they begin to form SolGov by themselves. SolGov grows out of the Sol System since Earth is still an economic powerhouse compared to everyone, eating a sizable chunk of the Inner Core. Sol Gov begins the long process to cleaning up Earth of pollution with the help of certain corporations. SolGov takes a long process to resettle about 12 billion people off of Earth so they can revitalize it and restore it (refered to now as Terrans). They send these people to sparsely populated planets which don't have the infanstructure to support them, and they become Agriculturally-based worlds. After years SolGov finishes the terrformation of Earth, and it holds a population of just 6 billion people. Corporations and the upper-class of the Inner Core flock to this new-found Utopia.

Excited after these years the process is finished, the Terrans file to start the motions for resettling of their populations native to Earth back to Earth. SolGov denies this motion, stating that Earth is incapable of supporting the billions of people it would bring to Earth. The Terrans begin to feel distanced and abandoned from Sol, and there is much political infighting between them. After some time things began to cool again until a Skrell/Unathi/Alien diplomat was allowed upon Earth. The Terrans set forth another deal for 800 million Terrans of direct descendants from Earth to return. SolGov again denies this. While this is happening, a Humanitarian Crisis is happening in Unathi space, and SolGov allows 7 million Unathi to resettle to Earth as a good will sign. The Terrans begin to act erratically politically, and begin hiking the prices of food to nearby colonies. SolGov intervenes and takes control of local governments, a Terran colony responds by declaring independence. The other Terran Colonies follow suit, soon taking control of nearby colonies they had food monopolies over, and outcries for the protectorates of the Sol Central Government to follow in rebellion. Many SolGov military personnel far from Sol have Terran ties, defections begin to ring out inside of Terran space.

NanoTrasen through this time never moved from Mars which they've turned into a personal planet despite its supposed status as a SolGov territory, and make an unspoken agreements with the Terran Confederacy to not interfere, while in return they continue to operate in what is now Terran space with indifference.

After years of fighting peace is finally drawn out between SolGov and the Terran Confederacy, it was long and arduous, but the difficulties of fighting without reliable FTL was too much for any one faction to make a gain. A stipulation holds no sentient life-form of extraterrestrial origin may set foot upon Earth, and is held by SolGov. SolGov remembers the inaction of NanoTrasen, executions on space stations are labelled extrajudicial, and corporations are barred from persecuting certain groups.

Einstein Engines enters the brink of bankruptcy, NanoTrasen investors save the company from folding, Einstein Engines shortly after creates the next generation of Bluespace FTL Engine. EE finds a reliable way to gauge and chart Bluespace, they begin establishing the first gateways in important locations dubbed bluespace 'wells'.

SolGov and the Terran Confederacy begin a new arms race, with Einstein Engines supplying as many of their new FTL Engines as possible to both sides. Terran Terrorists begin operating in Sol Space, SolGov accuses the Terrans of not upholding the peace treaty. Now armed with FTL drives, the Terran Confederacy begins mobilizing the population, and further broadens the rights of corporations in their space. The Terran Confederacy at this point is rife with corruption, many of the candidates were elected on 'Earth For Terrans' platform. SolGov receives a third request for Terran resettlement to Earth, for about 1 billion humans, when it seems that SolGov is about to agree, the Terrans back out and raise the number to 2.8 billion, negotiations are called off by SolGov. The Terran Confederacy invades the center of SolGov space, using the new FTL engines to move skip over the border undetected. SolGov begins to mobilize, but too late, what was supposed to be a quick SolGov victory turns into a endless draw.

This started many years ago, the war continues, and Refugees flood to the frontier.
Normally, I'm 100 percent with you on lore. Though, most of this doesn't make much sense to me.
Planets that sustain life are rare, so a lot of effort would had to be made to make farming colonies on planets. The botanist is able to farm just fine on the station. Orbital Space Stations could focus purely on hydroponics and produce a great deal of food without having to ship it light years away to the inner core. Mining would probably be the raw industry that funds the Terran colonization wave.

If the goal is to have Nanotrasen be a rather new company, say within 100 to 200 years. That could allow for NT to be existing during a Sol and Terran conflict, but I wonder how important it is for Nanotrasen to have complete control of a planet within the inner core. So, I just wonder why and how NT gained control of mars, the first colonized planet in humanity's history. Wouldn't they want their HQ to be in a more centralized location without having to governor and police a large Martian population?

Terrans desire to return to earth seems odd, surely the planet would be odd and foreign to all terran born citizens. However, I could see Earth still holding culture importance to all humans. So, perhaps Sol Government could have placed restrictions to visiting Terrans on Earth. Seeing as Terrans are/were rebels of the Sol Empire.

I think conflict between Sol and Terran could be based on that Sol actually founded the majority of Terran colonies and used those colonies to supply and support Sol. When those colonies no longer needed Sol for support, They didn't see the reason to pay taxes or uphold to Sol's policies anymore. More complex reasons could exist as well, of course. But, simply at some point Sol needs the colonies more than the colonies need Sol. Then add any other conflict and that gives a colony perfect reason to rebel. Specially, when the long distance makes it harder for Sol to actually enforce it's rule.

Unathi being immigrants to earth seems really odd and out of place. Specially, when Sol Government thinks earth is overcrowded as it is and has denied human Terrans from returning. Not to mention that earth is seen as the capital of humanity it's self. So, shipping unathi to Earth seems like a move that would piss off both sides. I also think that Sol Government might be a little racist, at least it wouldn't be highly accepting of non-humans getting a foothold in Sol. It is a purely human government in a largely human dominated sector of space.

Sol Government I think could be a better aggressor than the confederacy. Sol colonies likely have been subject to joining the confederacy. Making it harder for Sol to expand and thus having them be reliant on trading with the confederacy. Terra has had time to develop and become a dominant power in it's own right.
The invention of FTL seems to solve all the problems Sol suffered with that led to the creation of the confederacy in the first place.
So, perhaps Sol decides to gives another shot at reclaiming it's colonies. (Though, a solid event or a few of um, would be good to explain what rekindled the conflict.

As for the refugees, they could be inspired to leave by the war. Yet, overpopulation is still a thing in Sol and flocking to terra isn't so appealing to them. So, the new frontiers is a solid option for both members of the confederacy and sol trying to find a place to call their own.
The details have been changed or scrapped, but the basic idea of Red vs. Blue has been kept. We will hopefully await Britton's lore, which may cover the two factions in detail, along with a good portion of Human Lore.

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