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Thread Contributor: Sir ToastPlasmamen Lore

Plasmamen inhabit Gas Planets and are a gaseous species. They have no hearts, and their "Outer organs" are mostly... gas. They do not breathe oxygen, instead relying on Plasma to keep their respiratory system going. They DO have a thin membrane which contains an almost human-like skeleton. They are very fragile, especially outside of their natural environment. This is because they must wear special suits to protect their bodies from reacting to any atmosphere outside of their natural environment. They require tanks of plasma to keep alive, as any other atmosphere is toxic to them. 


Plasmamen live in "Clans" on their natural planets, which is more peaceful than anything. Plasmamen are extremely peaceful and pacifistic, preferring the "Art of Mind" over violence and dedicating themselves to Science, Mathematics, and other intellectual pursuits; By this nature are docile, possibly due to the fact they are fragile and would die from any aggressive contact. Their names are picked from the periodic table of elements, followed by a roman numeral, which might be the most recent of their generation or another meaning entirely. The origin of Plasmamen is that they were former colonists sent from Earth, which ended with them adapting heavily to their environment.

Nanotrasen Employment

Plasmamen were hired to fill the gaps in the ranks left open by humans. In typical fashion, they are barred from roles that are high in command, or as a Department Head, however, they may be anything lower, even Assistant Head. They regularly fill in positions in the Science and Medical department due to their intellect, and are mainly immune from the bigotry against other Xeno's, due to their kind nature. However, Plasmamen will NOT interfere in a fight to save someone's life, as they will remain to their pacifistic nature. At the end of it, they will attempt to help both parties to ensure they live to the best of their ability.
Another approved suggestion for Plasmamen cover all the points in this suggestion, additionally, there's no plan on giving them any defined culture or home planet. This has been archived, you can make a re-worked suggestion through a new thread.

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