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Thread Contributor: plaugewalkerPlaugewalker's Phorosian Whitelist App
About You

What is your Byond key?

How long have you been playing on Persistence?
I've been playing since parasistence, but went into hiatus until it was fleshed out enough on the new code.

What are the names of your better-known characters?
Adam Haywood

About The Species

What alien species are you applying for?


Why do you want to play as the alien species?

I've been following this alien species since Parasistence, and when we shifted to the new code I desperately wanted to play the species. But, unfortunately at the time off when we shifted to the new code we did not have it implemented. I wish to use this as a way to bring diversity to the station and tackle some diverse issue among some of the crewmen that have disdain for those that suffer some disease. That way I can try and reason with them.

What are some example names for the alien species?

Unfortunately, there really is no noteworthy examples I can provide aside that most victims from PRS usually keep their original names so long as they can remember them. If they do not they grasp at what they had found comforting, or what they remembered during their time in recovery. 

Summarize what you know about the species.

Phorosians are a sub-type of humans suffering after long-term exposure to phoron gas,  causing deposits to develop in their bones. They lack any proper skin replaced with deposits of Phoron dotting their muscular frame. The disease they suffer from is called Phoron Restructurant Syndrome. They must be confined to a hermetically sealed suit to prevent exposure to an oxygen enriched enviroment lest they burst into flames. 

[b]Provide an example character bio for your xeno character.[/b]
"Name, Name...Ah, here we are. Eliot Fletcher, do you know why you're in cuffs?" The officer spoke as he sat across from the Phorosian. "Because, I murdered my colleauge?"He said quietly trying to hide the guilt of what he did. The officer placing the employees file onto the metal table opening it up. "And, what provoked this random bout of aggression, hm?"The officer asked looking over the documents displaying Eliot's place of birth of a station orbiting Saturn's moon, Titan. "Do you have an answer for me, or not?"The officer said pressing him for answer, sliding one of the crime scene photos in front of him, the picture displayed a scene of a drill lodged into the dead miners lower torso, sticking straight up. Eliot cocked his head looking at the one way mirror to him he still seemed human, fair white skin with a short tight hair cut for his dark brown hair. While still adorned in his mining void suit. He looked back over to the officer. The officer got up leaving the convict alone in the room, speaking to his superior on the other side the converse in deciding the poor phorsians fate. The officer steps back in offering an ultimatum "I do hope you understand, and now I require a further indulgence on your part. I cannot close my report until every loose end has been tied up. Quite so, my employers have told me to offer you a chance to work for your freedom, or we put you behind bars." The officer said in a monotone voice with noticeable inflictions to certain words as though they were stilted, obviously Eliot chose the better half of the deal,
Application Accepted.

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