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Transport shuttle system guide

Currently,the shuttles are being reworked for the upcoming map. This guide will be used still until changes are added that are needed for adjustments.

How to use a shuttle?

This is only to use on an already working shuttle system.

To move a shuttle you need the acces to the Bridge Computer. Use the Bridge Computer then choose your destination by cliking on it. Buckle up to a seat and wait.

If the dock you want to go is not listed it's probably because their is already a shuttle park there.

How the system work?

  • The shuttle transport system allow you to teleport parts of the map (your shuttle) between two Docking beacon.
  • The part of the map you can move are delimited by projected area from the beacons(There is 3 possible size for the projected area 5*8/7*8/9*10), mainly to prevent lag and people strapping engines onto their stations.


  • The beacon is a machine that you can build and create an project area to allow a shuttle to move/teleport a section of the maps/shuttle to another beacon location. There are 4 part for the system.
  • The Project Area by the beacon.
  • The Dock is the part allows the connection between shuttles and the rest of the station.
  • The shuttle is the part of the map you can move.

Differents elements in detail

Docking Beacon.


How to build a Docking Beacon.

You can get components from the R&D Circuit Imprinter.

UI of a Docking Beacon.


  • Dock Size : 5 * 8 | 7 * 8 | 9 * 10
  • Power : On | Off
  • Beacon name : xxx
  • Visibility: Public | Private |
  • Restricted Status : Open | Closed |
  • Construction | Occupied
  • [Highlight Dock Area]


The dock must have a Dock Beacon.

Standart for construction: -Most of the project area are 9*10. -Most Airlock are locate North in the buildable area.

Dock for shuttle with no atmo

You can build a dock for shuttle with no atmo in with Can we connect power from the shuttle to the station?

Dock for shuttle with atmo

Can we connect atmo from the shuttle to the station?


A shuttle travel between docking Beacon

Bridge Computer

How to build a Bridge Computer.

You can get components from the R&D Circuit Imprinter, and then build it like a normal machine

UI of a Bridge Computer.

Shuttle Engine

How to build a Shuttle Engine.

You can get components from the R&D Circuit Imprinter, and then build it like a normal machine

Building a shuttle

Building steps:

  • Part 1: Choose an empty dock with enough space for your shuttle Select the dock beacon and choose construction.
  • Part 2:Go to the docking beacon of the dock and select construction..
  • Part3: Choose "start building the shuttle".
  • Part3.5:Choose the size of your shuttle.
  • Part4: Once you are happy with your shuttle and have enough engines, go to docking beacon and scroll down to finalize shuttle
  • Make sure that the shuttle is not in blueprint mode.
  • Part5:You can start building APCs and any other extra details on your shuttle.