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Starting Factions

New characters start aboard NT station with an unassigned Nanotrasen Faction ID. You can choose to pursue a job with Nanotrasen or seek work with another faction at the nearby embassies.

Player-controlled Factions

The Frontier

There are multiple factions in the game, all factions are player controlled. Nanotrasen is subject to some special OOC considerations, please read the Rules.

Faction Mission Statement Open
IconNT.png Nanotrasen To explore a new frontier, and chart new phoron deposits. Following recent events, Frontier Stations are now to be considered loose ends. and not in Nanotrasen employ. Always
Frontier Defense Coalition A faction derived from the former 'colonists' sent to the Frontier by NT, now considered rogue by NT. Always
Panthus A colorful faction for fancy people. Always
Cythos providing you protection,even when you don't need it. Always
Shell Inc.png Shell Incorporated Transport, anytime, anywhere. Always
Argus ??? Always

Non-Player-controlled Factions

Inner Core

Factions originating from the Inner Core of Human expansion, situated in the most densely populated part of known space. For the moment they exist as a backdrop in the lore, but they may play a role in the future.

Faction Mission Statement Open
Sol Government The extradition of terror organization members and armed militants back to the Inner Core. N/A
Terran Federation To secure the frontier's mutual independence against the dictatorial powers of the Sol Central Government and aligned protectorates, and the exportation of the revolution against SolGov tyranny to the far frontier. N/A
Einstein Engines To chart bluespace links, conduct tests regarding bluespace, search for a viable bluespace well to establish a gateway. N/A