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The Guide for New Players is a guide intended for brand new players of Spacestation 13. If you have already played Spacestation 13, this guide is most likely not for you. This guide will cover the most basic concepts of the game to get you started using the BYOND engine and the games UI. It will also cover character creation and basic roleplaying.

Before you begin

Space Station 13 is a multiplayer roleplaying game developed using the BYOND engine. In Space Station 13 (from here on to be referred to as SS13), players take the role of workers on a space station. There are many different jobs available, and each player chooses and plays a role in the space station. On our server, Persistence, we are a dedicated roleplaying community where you can play a variety of roles aboard the NSS Vignette, the Free Spacers Collective station, or a different player-made station. You could even create your own station! Perhaps you are a refugee seeking safety on the frontier, an entrepreneur trying to make the best of these circumstances, or a loyal employee trying to maximize profits for your corporation. The frontier is a dangerous place, however, and all sorts of horrible things can happen to you. Spies, saboteurs, and even hostile aliens could be waiting around every corner. Accidents happen, and it's a very thin barrier that holds the uncaring, airless space at bay.


The rules for Persistent Server should be read before beginning the game. It is important that you read through the rules thoroughly before starting the game. As long as you remember that this is a roleplay server, you should be fine.

Joining the server

To join the server, you must first download the BYOND cilent. Once you have created an account and have installed BYOND, you can:

  • Connect to the server by clicking the "PLAY" button on the main website or
  • By adding the address (CTRL + O while on the BYOND client) byond:// to your client to login manually.

This will automatically enter the game and present you with a "WELCOME" menu.

Character setup

Main Article: Character Creation

Character Creation Screen UI
An example of the character setup screen.

Before you can begin playing, you must setup your character. Setting up your character is important, so ideally, you should make a character that you will attach to and identify with as to begin making your own mark in the world of Persistence.



Main Article: User Interface

The user interface (UI) allows you to interact with items in your inventory, change how you interact with items and other players, and to quickly gauge your character's status. You can use this to change certain options or retrieve information quickly. It is also where you manage your inventory.


There are a number of tabs available to you, they are visible on the top right side of the screen, just above the chat box. The majority of these are self-explainatory.

  • The Status tab tells you of the local time and date.
  • The Preferences tab lets you switch any personal preferences in regards to sound, chats indicators.
  • The Admin tab is for contacting an administrator or moderator in the event you need help.
  • The IC and OOC tab allow you to preform actions in character and out of character respectively.

There are many more tabs, but it depends on your role or objects you have in your hand.

Moving and Interaction

Main Article: Controls
You can interact with the environment in a variety of different ways. Almost every object within SS13 is interactable. You can use the arrow-keys to move around - almost every other action is preformed by clicking. An entire array of actions can be done with your keyboard as well as enabling WASD controls by pressing your Tab key to turn on Hotkey mode. You can review these controls in their respective article.


Main Article: Guide to Roleplaying
First and foremost, Persistence is considered a roleplay server. You should remain in character as much as possible and only use the OOC or LOOC channels if you need to speak to someone else in a manner that doesn't fit your character or the game. That being said there are very few limitations on how you should act in-character so long as you are not breaking any of the server rules.

Getting Started in Persistence

A Primer

Persistence is very different than any other Space Station experience for one simple reason - the server does not function off of rounds. Anything you do on one of the many stations on this server will persist, be saved and carry on through the future. This allows the building of a culture of mutual interests, political intrigue, conflict and much, much more. Let's get you started on your journey in Persistence.

Spawning In

When you spawn, you might see that you are in a grey jumpsuit and, possibly, alone. Do not panic! This is how every single person on the server started, and something that you can rectify. Nearby, there might be a desk similar to a Head of Personnel's queue line. If there is somebody at the desk, great! You can get an assignment at this desk. However, this is not always the case. It is important for you to not give up here! It may sound silly, but this is a big hurdle and stepping stone for Persistence - your first day. It is likely for you to already know where your skills in Space Station 13 lie or what you would like to do on this character, so the very best thing for you to do is to ask on the radio if anybody can help you receive a job in the department you wish to be in.

No luck? Head on other to the West side of the station towards the embassies and attempt to get a job at another faction and to hop ship onto one of the many stations inside of Persistence. Believe it or not, this very first interaction you had is part of the worldbuilding experience of Persistence. The assignments officers were not available to do their duty on the station that you ported onto, so they lost a valuable candidate for their station. That's you!

Inadvertently, by not being signed onto this station, your allegiances are already being established within this world - who has helped you and who has not. Every single thing in Persistence is done by and made by players like you. If you don't like something, you can fix it. You just have to try.

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