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Starting a Business


Funding & Stocks

You'll need to pay $5000 to NT as a fee for simply having a business. You pay this fee by selling your soon to be companies 100 stock that it has available. To sell the stocks you click the "Print new stock contract" option on the menu displayed on the left. You enter the amount of stock this contract will be selling and the cost to sign this contract and own said stock. For example If you have the $5000 you can sell yourself all 100 stocks by printing the contract that sells all 100 of its stock for $5000. Alternatively if you only have $500 you'll need an investor or some business partners to pay the rest and so you'll have to sell multiple contracts. Once the $5000 commitment has been met and all 100 shares were sold your business is officially in the system and ready to go.

Obviously though $5000 is just the fee and it goes directly into the pockets of NT and not your business. You'll need money on top of the $5000 to pay the rest of the expenses such as buying space for a workplace, construction material, and hourly wages for any employees.


Pulling it Off

Convincing someone to invest in your company isn't too difficult. Enough people have a disposable income, if you look competent enough and have a detailed sound plan of action after creating the business many will be interested in working with you.

Sometimes the Station Director is willing to sell parts of the station to private business owners. The Director sets their price and whether or not you can afford it is up to your negotiating skills.

Or the much more difficult way, create your own station for which to house your business. This option is for experienced people who know what they're doing and so they wouldn't be reading a wiki on how to start a business. But if your too stubborn its worth mentioning, creating a station isn't as simple as getting a suit and some metal and launching yourself into space. The factions and businesses of the server will take notice and can take action to stop you. Established factions such as NT are probably more capable at halting your operations by force than you are at defending yourself.

Managing a Business


Human Resources

Generating Revenue

Exports:What you can export and for how much depends on the current listing of export orders. This price and items requested changes randomly every 2 hours. To fulfill an export order you select an export you wish to fulfill and print out its export manifest. Put this paper into a crate/closet along with the some or all of the items on the manifest and place the crate onto a export telepad and send it. The money will be sent directly to the company or faction that owns the export telepad.
Invoice:From a console you can print out an invoice. It will include the amount of money the Invoice will charge and a reason. Swiping your ID on it will transfer money from your account over to the business's account.