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What are Factions?

Factions are the primary method of player organization, they provide tools for salary, assignment management and access management.

Faction Programs and Guides

Core Logistics Program

A new program called the core logistics network has been added and is used to edit all existing factions

Core Logistics.jpg

Every faction will have its own password used to access the network, in addition to the requirement for an ID with Core Logistics access to use the Core Logistics program.

Core Logistics Password.png

From this core program, most of the core faction options can be edited-- smaller changes will use a less secure program.

Core Logistics Options.png

Central Options

Central Options allows you control the core descriptions/names for your faction.

Core Logistics Central Options.png

Network Options

Network Options allows you to configure the wireless network that modular computers can connect to to access faction-specific program content.

Core Logistics Network Options.png

Access Configuration

Access Configuration Allows you setup your own custom access network, so that anything with access can be setup to use your custom accesses.

Core Logistics Access Configuration.png

The Assignment and Category Configuration is used to create assignment categories, which are like NTs departments the reason they are called assignment categories is that they might be used for things like criminal status, or different branches of a military, or different sects of a cult.

Core Logistics Access Categories.png Core Logistics Access Example.jpg

Example Access Categories

Core Logistics Example Access Categories.png

When accessing an assignment category, their are many options, at the bottom of an assignment category, you can create new assignments for it.

Assignment Category Options.png Assignment Category Options2.png

The people in the assignment categories can be managed by the leader assignment, people with the leader assignment will be able to recommend or grant promotions, depending on their own rank, to their subordinates.

I have finished work on several more faction related features. Command staff using the account modification program can lookup a characters name in their faction records, and make a variety of changes to the account as seen here:

Account Management.png

Factional Records

If your faction has no record for the character, you will be asked if you want to create a record.

The record is populated based on the 'public records', which are the ones generated by the character creator and held forever, and always available.

Neural Laces

All characters have a neural lace implanted on them, which can now be used to access this menu.

When you aren't connected to a network, it shows all the networks that have you in their records.

When you are connected, you have the option to go on duty, which will have you start collecting pay depending on your faction's settings.

In order to go on duty, you must have a valid assignment that's setup to allow you to do so. The manifest will now be split into three different lists, one list that has every character on your characters records, one that has every character currently connected to the employment network, and one that has every character on duty. Characters in cryosleep are considered offline regardless of their neural lace setting, so the lists can now be used to tell who's online. If you don't want your character to appear online, you can simply disconnect from the employment network. Department managers can track their on duty employees and have an expectation that they are ready to follow orders

Creating your own Faction

To create a faction you need a machine frame and the Bluespace Satellite circuit.

You might be able to purchase the circuit board from any organization with sufficient tech levels and a circuit imprinter.