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Welcome to the lounge of contributing, owned by contributors! So you've decided that you want to help out, and contribute to something. You've come to the right place!

Our wiki AND game is currently looking for contributors; so you, rookie contributor, are welcome to help out at any time!

What you can help out with

PS13 Wiki maaaaaay have some imperfections. This is where you come in handy!

In order to be able to edit and create pages, create an account by going to the top-right corner, and clicking "Log In" or click here.

For more wiki development information, click here.

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Sometimes people just can't really spell or use proper grammar. If you want to fix this, it is recommended that you have a good grasp on grammar, otherwise you wouldn't be much help here unfortunately.

Creating Pages

That's right, users can create pages! If you're a contributor on Wikipedia, you may be familiar with this already. The way I do it is, I first find it by directing to and choosing the name of the page I want to make, to see if it has already been created. If not, the page should be empty, telling you that the page doesn't exist and that there is a button to create it.

PS13 GitHub

If you feel like you're good at using BYOND Dream Maker, or the DM code, here's the GitHub link!


Hey, did you think that you can just create those cool-looking pages without some formatting? Of course not! In order to learn wiki formatting, I find this helpful.