Guide to hydroponics and farming

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This guide is not for learning how to study plant or how to modify them if you want to be a Botanist or a Xenobotanist this is the wrong page for you.

Jobs in agriculture by sector

primary sector(extraction of raw ressources)

  • Beekeeper
  • Breeder.
  • hydroponics worker.

secondary sector(transformation)

  • Cheese maker.
  • Butcher.
  • baker.

tertiary sector(service and selling)

  • Fish merchant.
  • cook.

This guide is for the raw production of ressources to feed humans aliens or animals.

Raw production

In space the more efficient way to produce plants is to cultivate them on hydroponic. This guide will help you to learn how to cultivate fruits and vegetable.

your first type of clients will be cook s


A great variety of fruits and vegetables can be grown here, the most vital for most dishes are wheat, tomatoes, and potatoes. Growing these is an intelligent start to a good lunch. The department can also produce wheat and milk using spare biomass from unneeded plant matter, which is quite handy upon occasion. See the Guide to Hydroponics for more information.

Secondary activities=

The cook will not need wheat but floor

The cook could use milk but also cheese.

The sugar canne produce in your farm can be transform into sugar and be use in cooking or chemistery.

You can produce wood and turn it into eitheir wood plank for construction or carbon for chemistery.

make cheese